The Yemen Safe Passage Group was formed in mid-2015 as an informal grouping of senior professionals, all acting in their personal capacity, who have worked in Yemen for substantial periods and who share a concern about the well-being of its people. We represent the case for the unimpeded flow of food, fuel and medicines into Yemen, by drawing attention to serious abuses at senior levels of government, in parliament and to journalists. We highlight the naval blockade and delays imposed on vessels delivering essential supplies, as well as the systematic attacks on Yemeni livelihoods and infrastructure. We look for solutions that would significant improve the lot of Yemenis, and make the case for an early cessation of hostilities and for a sustainable and inclusive peace.

The group brings together a wide range of expertise – international politics and diplomacy, security, trade and the economy, port operations, infrastructure, livelihoods and humanitarian operations. This is coupled with an understanding as to how this expertise might realistically be applied to the Yemen situation. The group also has a wide range of contacts in Yemen, living on every side of this complex conflict, and this helps keep our recommendations rooted in reality.

We have now grown to over 50 individuals comprising three sections: former British diplomats and defence personnel, including former ambassadors; prominent British academics working on Yemen; and senior development and community workers.

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